Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Giving Jikan the Willies...

above: Samuel McDickie, Potshot Peter Wells and Willie Six-Fingers gather in a circle (art by Davey Candlish, letters by Jim Campbell).

Jikan Noon has arrived at its tenth episode - a third of the way to the finish - and events so far have been rather grim and gritty. Arriving at the demon-plagued soon-to-be-ghost-town of Coso Diablo, o
ur favorite time-traveling, demon-slaying samurai has taken on the role of the Man with No Name; immediately after dispatching several gunfighting Harpies, he's found himself enlisted in a posse of hard-nosed demon-killers.

Unlike most mysterious Wild West desperadoes, these men have names:

Samuel McDickie. Potshot Peter Wells. Willie Six Fingers.

Ah, I love a good inside joke, especially when it slips past the editor - and involves wankers.

There's more to the name Potshot Peter Wells than a wanker joke, however; the real Pete Wells is one of my of 2000AD's online forum. He's responsible for the incredibly informative blog, 2000AD Covers Uncovered, and organizes the yearly forum advent calendar.
Pete definitely deserves a bit of a tribute, even if in the form of a wanker joke, ha.

(I should note that Pete is NOT a wanker, far from it; he'
s an incredibly nice fellow - promise)

For those of you not in the know, Jikan Noon is a weekly newspaper-styled strip that can be found every Sunday on the Paragon Blogspot (and you can get up to date here). This is second Jikan weekly series, the first being Jikan & the Kappa King!

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