Sunday, 23 January 2011

Jikan Noon, Coming Soon...

Jikan the Demon-Slayer is back! Every week, follow the adventures of the inter-dimensional demon-hunting ronin warrior on the Paragon Blogspot! This time, Jikan finds himself in the very wild Wild West - where harpy gunslingers, demindians, and planet-eating dearth worms run rampant! Jikan Noon, coming soon from Paragon!

If a few panels of demon-slaying a week isn't enough, there's no need to travel through time and space or hop through dimensions in search of more adventure - simply drop by the Paragon Blogspot and pick up some back issues or grab the Chronicles of Jikan (featuring Jikan and the Kappa King, along with Jikan: Witch Fires and Jikan: Cave of Death, and many more stories) at! And, if you missed out on Jikan's last weekly adventure, you can still read Jikan and the Kappa King here.

Be sure to check out Forbidden Planet's review of the Chronicles of Jikan.

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  1. New strip is off to a good start man, looking forward to following it.