Sunday, 25 July 2010

Jikan and the Kappa King - Oni the Lonely...

'Jikan and the Kappa King' is a weekly newspaper-style strip artist Davey Candlish, letterer Jim Campbell and myself have been working on. Normally, I collect all the episodes here and usher readers to the Paragon Blogspot (after all, Jikan is a Paragon character) to get the latest updates.


This week's episode is just so cool that I had to share it. Not only was it my favorite - so far - to write, but Davey really drew up an incredibly atmospheric three panels and Jim did an outstanding job with the letters.

Until now 'Jikan and the Kappa King' has been a bit light-hearted, what with all the slapstick and happy-go-lucky goblins and even a fart joke, but now events take a darker turn...

Monday, 19 July 2010

Beebeluns and Creeplings War in Temple APA...

The seventh issue of Temple APA - a science-fiction comics ezine - is now available and can be downloaded for free on the Temple APA site or at Clickwheel, or viewed on Myebooks. In it, a four-page bout of weirdness from myself, artist Tony Rothwell and letterer Bolt 01.

'Rek Fen-Birn' (more info here) depicts a skirmish between several species of strange little creatures...where else can you find Beebeluns, Creeplings, Cactopillars and Rok-Shahs all in one strip (or anywhere else really)?

Edit: Issue 7 got a small write-up on Down the Tubes!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Starscape Storypaper - Exterminate!

What a very unique concept: a magazine that provides genre prose stories accompanied by comics versions of those stories, so that it becomes almost an adult story book. It's a daring and original venture, and I'm incredibly excited to be a part of it from the beginning - Starscape Storypaper will feature a serialized version of my short story 'Extermination Theory' over the first five issues.

In 'Extermination Theory', human colonists settle a planet inhabited by creepy-crawly space-insects. Only the Exterminators Guild, a militant organization mobilized to wipe out the creatures, can prevent total infestation with extermination!

Talented artists Matt Soffe and Dustin Parr illustrated the story (teasers will be posted soon), and Alex Ronald created the fantastic cover image. The first issue of Starscape Storypaper will be available by the end of July/early August. Keep your eyes on the Starscape Comics website for more details.

Order your copy of the Starscape Storypaper (for the princely sum of 1 and 1/2 quid): here.

Edit 06/18/11: Down the Tubes has mentioned the Storypaper on its blog.