Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hallowscream! and Hallowscream Again!

Looking for a fun way to kill, maim and torture a few hours of your night - really stick a knife in the gut and slowly twist it around? Yeah? Then you'll surely find yourself pleased that Back From the Depths' annual Hallowscream horror anthology is now available as a FREE download via Clickwheel or Dropbox, or viewable online at Myebooks! That's right, 84 blood-soaked pages sure to bring on the ultimate goregasm! Included in the collection is my eerie little tale, 'Little Yelena and the Golligugs' (art by El Chivo, letters by Bolt 01). Cover art by Andrew Milne.

Of course, if your carnal lusts aren't sated by a single serving of splatter 2009's issue (cover by Malcolm Kirk) is still available at Clickwheel or Myebooks, and features that little child-eating brute, 'Glubbleblugg'.

Almost 160 pages of FREE murder and mayhem? That's sharing the bloody love, that is!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Space Squid Magazine: Childish, But Not For Children...

Space Squid Magazine has published stories by Bruce Sterling (father of cyberpunk), Chris Roberson (Clockwork Strorybook), Jay Lake (John W. Campbell Award winner), Jennifer Pelland (Nebula nominee)...and me?

Guess so. Yeah, they did. For some reason.

I won't ask why they've allowed a short story of mine, a Monster Morality Tale, to ooze its way across the pages of their 9th issue, but I can only laugh that a mag that's published Bruce Sterling has now published someone as unworthy as myself. Cue 'Big Stupid, Cheese-Eating Grin'.

The print version of Space Squid #9 is long gone, but the tentacled editors have generously posted the entire issue online as a FREE downloadable PDF. Check it out and get ready for a bizarre journey into the weirder dimension of sci-fi. Remember, Space Squid is childish but not for children.

Above is the cover for issue 9 (art/design by David Chang).

Monday, 4 October 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The newest issue of FutureQuake Press’ annual horror comic anthology, Something Wicked, is now available! Issue #6 features an incredibly creepy cover by (favorite) artist Boo Cook, and a collection of stories that are sure to curl your toenails and scare the socks off your feet.

Somehow I’ve managed to sneak three strips into the magazine, past the usually vigilant eyes of editors Bolt 01 and Richmond Clements. Talk about the wardens looking the other way while the inmate runs amuck through the asylum!

Benevolent Martians arrive on Earth to deliver 'the secrets of the stars’ to a tribe of African headhunters in ‘Third World/Fourth World’ (art by Matt Soffe and letters by Jim Campbell). The one-page strip is presented in full glorious color on the magazine’s back cover!

In ‘A Pleasing Symmetry’ (co-story and art by Matt Soffe and letters by Jim Campbell) a man hunts the sinister creature that killed his wife – a creature that is ‘evil in its purest form, a being that feeds on the essence of others and in doing so postpones its own end'.

‘There was an evil thing that lived under a rock…’ and that thing is ‘Glubbleblugg’ (art and letters by Conor Boyle), a vicious beastie with an appetite for children matched only by its rotten disposition. ‘Glubbleblugg’ is a nasty little tale with an unexpected twist.

Order Something Wicked #6 – and FutureQuake #16 while you’re at it – at the FutureQuake Press website here.