Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hallowscream! and Hallowscream Again!

Looking for a fun way to kill, maim and torture a few hours of your night - really stick a knife in the gut and slowly twist it around? Yeah? Then you'll surely find yourself pleased that Back From the Depths' annual Hallowscream horror anthology is now available as a FREE download via Clickwheel or Dropbox, or viewable online at Myebooks! That's right, 84 blood-soaked pages sure to bring on the ultimate goregasm! Included in the collection is my eerie little tale, 'Little Yelena and the Golligugs' (art by El Chivo, letters by Bolt 01). Cover art by Andrew Milne.

Of course, if your carnal lusts aren't sated by a single serving of splatter 2009's issue (cover by Malcolm Kirk) is still available at Clickwheel or Myebooks, and features that little child-eating brute, 'Glubbleblugg'.

Almost 160 pages of FREE murder and mayhem? That's sharing the bloody love, that is!


  1. "Little Yelena..." is a cool little story man. Its not clear in the strip itself but it gives me the impression of being set up in some snowny mountain deep in Russia, where all kinds of nasty critters might lurk. Evocative storytelling,welldone!

  2. Thanks Van Dom...Yelena was originally intended to be a gypsy girls, so yeah the Russian location works well. My daughter used to have really bad night terrors and I always wondered what the heck could upset a three-year-old that way...well, it had to be Nightmare Bugs, right?