Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Temple APA 9: A Remedy for Summer...

Sun's shining bright. Days are growing longer and hotter. Summer's moving in fast. Bah! Summer! Give me rain and gloom, snow and doom! Any day, every day!

Luckily I've got a remedy for summer, a pocket of winter saved for an unbearably sunny day: Temple APA issue 9 (cover artwork by Simon Mackie), featuring 'Little Yelena and the Golligugs' (art by El Chivo) and a one-page preview trailer for 'Ubek Naren-Ka' (art by Ghostpockets), a gruesome comic strip in the works for Halloweentime. Both are sure to give you chills, even as the humidity rises.

And such chills can be had for FREE. That's right, as always Temple APA is completely FREE!

Click HERE to download your copy. Or if you prefer, there's always CLICKWHEEL, MEDIAFIRE or MYEBOOK. Temple APA, your ice cube during the long summer months.

Edit: Down the Tubes has given the issue a short blurb. They refer to the magazine being 'full of British talent'. They lied. I'm not British. And I'm not so bold as to refer to myself as 'talented'.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Doctor Who? Doctor What? Doctor WTF?!

A couple of weekends ago at the Bristol Comic Convention, Owen Watts unveiled Doctor WTF?!, a glorious full-color small press comic chock full of bizarre otherworld (otherdimension?) Doctor Who stories - including my strip 'Cosmic Excrement'.

Doctor WTF?! has a very limited print run, so hurry up and teleport over to the website or facebook page and buy yourself a copy...if there are any left. If not, step into a wormhole, travel back in time and buy yourself a copy...

...if not, step into a wormhole, travel back in time and buy yourself a copy...

...if not, step into a wormhole, travel back in time and buy yourself a copy...

Update 9/8/11: Artist David Frankum has written a very positive review about the 'zine. Check that out on David's blog here.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Sometimes Life Just Isn't Faerie...

above: a Druid crushes an evil little faerie, collecting its blood for brewing a magic potion (art by Dustin Parr).

In The Faerie-Catcher, Christianity has begun to take root in Ireland. Needless to say, the isle's faerie-folk aren't very happy about that...and take to terrorizing villages and burning peasants alive(!), until a mysterious boy, the 'World's Greatest Faerie-Catcher', volunteers to hunt down and kill the evil little buggers ('polliwogs with wings', as he refers to them).

The Faerie-Catcher will appear in the next issue of 'Tales From the Emerald Isle', coming very soon from Hibernia Comics!