Thursday, 2 December 2010

Telling Some 'Tales From the Emerald Isle'...

Some news I'm really excited about: the first issue of Tales From the Emerald Isle, a fanzine featuring Irish 2000AD characters and only Irish 2000AD characters, is now available to purchase from Hibernia Comics!

Beneath the fantastic Alan Nolan (above) cover you'll find the further adventures of Judge-Sergeant Joyce in 'Muties on the Bounty', a strip I collaborated on with artist Brigonos Mac Giolla Chomhgaill aka Professor Byah. Other characters on display are: Sinister/Dexter, Slough Feg, Maeve the Many-Armed and Harlem Heroes - so order the comic here, then grab a pint or twenty-eight, a plate of 'taters and help celebrate the (2000AD) Irish!

(let it be known I resisted placing the groan-worthy but obvious joke, 'When Irish Isles are Smiling' somewhere in this post - er, oh wait...damn)

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