Sunday, 24 April 2011

"There's Something Down Here With Us. I'd Tell You What It Is, but I Can't Pronounce Its Name"

above: Is there ever anything good lurking in creepy dark caves? No, as a trio of foolhardy monks is about to find out (art by Ghostpockets).

Something big and nasty lives underground. It's been eating people. Lots and lots of people. For centuries.

I can't say much else about this project, not even the title, as it's still on the enigmatically monikered Ghostpockets' drawing board, except that it might be the most gruesome tale I've written yet - and features yet another monster with a name that's a step away from gibberish.

A one-page 'trailer' we've put together to preview the strip will show up in the next Temple APA online magazine, and as for where the completed strip will end up...well, that's a surprise for later.

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