Friday, 15 April 2011

Bibb Squiddly Pimping for Warren Ellis...

above: Bibb Squiddly, smallest fry in the Squiddly Squidd Brothers Strontium Dogfish posse, trades in his badge for a chance to work for Warren Ellis (art by Ryan S. Thomason).

Warning: The following post is incredibly awkward.

Oh sure, Bibb, promote ('swhat the sign says) until the cowfish come home. Although, um, I can't but help you really should be out trawling the interweb with a sign that has something like 'visit' scrawled across it.

What's that, you say? You're not bothered with a silly blog that no one reads anyway? That no one reads...

Because I'm not Warren Ellis?

Oh, right, forget me then. I only, you know, GAVE YOU LIFE.


No, you're right. I'm not Warren Ellis.


Anyway, you can catch the misadventures of Bibb and his Brother Squidds later this year in Dogbreath Magazine.

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