Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Fistful of Sand Dollars...

'That Mukky's a bad fish,' remarks Bibb Squiddly, smallest fry in the Squiddly Squidd Brothers Strontium Dogfish posse.

Boy, is he right.

'Catch of the Day' tells the story of Mukky Mud Flapper, the perfect character for a Redemption Story if there ever was one. Problem is, Mukky's not interested in redemption.Years ago Mukky himself was a young up-and-coming Strontium Dog bounty hunter. But then he got old. Got mean. Got drunk. Got drunker. Killed a few innocent people and then killed a few more. Now he's got a whopper of a bounty on his head and every SD agent is after him - but for Mukky, that's like shooting dogfish in a barrel!

Artist Ryan S. Thomason drew the strip, and Bolt 01 added the lettering. 'Catch of the Day' will appear in a future issue of the super-cool Strontium Dog fanzine, Dogbreath!

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