Sunday, 27 March 2011

Doctor Who Never Went Through This Shit...

Yeah, the blah-blah-blog's been a little Doctor WTF?! heavy lately - but who cares?

No one reads this stuff anyway, and really, writing the blog is for my own amusement during those few minutes a day when I'm bored or antsy or contemplating blowing up the "brilliant" script I've been working on (you know, the one that starts off with two fantastic pages and then turns to shit when my words betray me utterly and completely); the release of Doctor WTF?! is fast approaching and sneaky peeks are starting to crop up here and there, including the great teaser above which showcases a panel from each of the twelve stories set to appear in the magazine (my contribution, 'Cosmic Excrement', is the sixth image, the severed Who-head in the jar).

If you'll notice, that very big second paragraph is a single sentence.

Ah, but you enjoy my long-windedness? Excellent! Then read this for an especially long-winded write-up on 'Cosmic Excrement' (!!) or read this for even more background on the strip.

Edit 04/03/11: As if the above promo isn't nifty enough, check this sucker out. How many times will you make the logo bounce?

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