Thursday, 17 March 2011

Paragon 7: the Mekkosapiens Uprising Begins...

Paragon Comics issue #7 is up for sale today, and in within its pages you'll find the first episode of Rise of the Mekkosapiens, a 10-chapter series I've written for the Eagle Award nominated (best British black & white comic) anthology comic (art by Davey Candlish, letters by Matt Brown).

Is Mekkosapien Auxiliary Drone G127 a robot? A man? Both?

Enter a world enslaved by machines, where religion and science have merged to create synthetic godlike beings, where flesh is extinct but the human soul struggles to break free from the cybernetic chains that bind it.

'Long ago, we tired of being men and wanted to become gods,' G127 laments, 'but now that I am a god, I want nothing more than to be a man.'

Order a print version of Paragon 7 here or download it here.

Edit: Oops! I should make mention that the brilliant cover artist is none other than friend and frequent collaborator Matt Soffe!

Update: Read Down the Tubes' Paragon 7 blurb here.

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