Friday, 4 June 2010

King of the Kappas...

Poor Jikan. After countless centuries of traveling time and space and countless demons slain in the name of Good, he has finally arrived at his homeland of Japan in the right place and time – and wants nothing more than to lay his head on a pillow and take a nap.

But this day, it is not meant to be.

Find out why in ‘Jikan and the Kappa King’, a light-hearted fairytale presented in a weekly comic strip format (art by Davey Candlish and letters by Jim Campbell) which can be found every Monday on the Paragon Blogspot. Above are all twenty-six episodes and a series advert.

Jikan features in Paragon Comics and (coming later this year) a graphic novel collection. In addition to ‘Kappa King’, I’ve written a pair of Jikan scripts for Paragon, ‘Jikan: Witch Fires’ and ‘Jikan: Cave of Death’.

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