Thursday, 3 June 2010

Red Reviews...

The reviews of 'Red Sands' have started to filter in, and so far they've been on the positive side of things (knock on wood the trend continues)....

If you've got some time to kill, and enjoy reading academic - dissections - of small press works, take a look at Colsmi and the Beak's 'That Reminds Me of This' write-up. Beware, for when I say 'dissect', I really mean 'strips away the flesh and fondles the insides'.

First Comics News was also kind enough to lend the strip a favorable review. I'm humbled when I read the line: '...a wonderful but horrific script by Matthew McLaughlin...'. I can only hope everyone enjoys the tale this much, and that I'll have the opportunity to keep writing it!

Remember, you can view the first episode for free via MyEbooks or Clickwheel.


  1. Good reviews. Well done!

  2. Thanks Alex! I really hope I can do at least another issue - I've got some good ideas, so don't let Chris fire me quite yet, ha ha!