Saturday, 15 May 2010

Blood Red Sands...

Finally, I can start blibber-blabbering about Red Sands! Way back in 1994, Alex Ronald created Red Sands as a way to gain the notice of Tharg (mighty editor of 2000AD), and it worked: he was soon rendering the likes of Judge Dredd and Missionary Man.

And Red Sands was set aside, the Lawman - its hero - left to his unknown fate. Until now.

More than a decade later, I've had the privilege of carrying the story onward and ensuring the Lawman reaps bloody vengeance across the deserts of Red Sands. Released by Starscape in three chapters, the first 8 pages are available for free via MyEbooks or Clickwheel - and will be available in a print version later this year when all three installments are complete.

Violent and bloody, Red Sands is "Mad Max meets Strontium Dog meets the Dollars Trilogy". Cover by Alex Ronald, interior art by Bruce McLaren and letters by Bolt 01.

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  1. Love the first chapter, Matthew! A nice mean streak running through it. Looking forward to the rest.