Saturday, 8 May 2010

Violence on the Rek Fen-Birn Plains...

Beebeluns war with Creeplings, while Rok-Shah birds feast on a herd of Cactopillars in 'Rek Fen-Birn'. Art by Tony Rothwell and letters by the incredibly multi-talented - and as a result - much overworked Bolt 01.

All of these weird little...things...feature in the novel I've been writing sporadically over the past year. Adapting one of the scenes to a comic strip has given me the fresh outlook on the story I needed, and that has certainly reinvigorated me. Maybe I'll actually finish it now!

Edit 9/14/10: 'Rek Fen-Birn has been picked up by Krazybov Comics and will see print in 2012 (issue #9, so I'm told).

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