Thursday, 5 August 2010

Journey to the Bowels of the Earth...

'Jikan: Cave of Death' finds the demon-hunting samurai hurled back to the dawn of time and captured by a tribe of demon-possessed apemen. Taken deep below the Earth through a vast network of catacombs, Jikan discovers he is to be offered as a sacrifice to appease the fire breathing monster that dwells within the 'Cave of Death'. My offering: 8 pages of devil-splitting, caveman-hacking, gore-soaked fury. 'Jikan: Cave of Death' features art by James Corcoran and will appear in an upcoming issue of Paragon Comics.

In addition to 'Cave of Death', I've written a pair of Jikan scripts for Paragon: 'Jikan: Witch Fires' (more on that here and on the blog of artist Filip Roncone) and 'Jikan and the Kappa King', a newspaper-style strip (which can be followed weekly here).

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