Thursday, 4 August 2011

Paragon 8: Those Mekkos Just Keep on Uprising...

above: The one and only inter-dimensional, time-traveling demon-hunter: Jikan slashes across the cover of Paragon 8! Art by Chris Askham!

That's right, Paragon 8 is back and bigger than ever! Robots rumble through the bleak future! Demons pollute the distant past! Mythological Heroes hurl through time and space! And more! The robot revolution continues in Rise of the Mekkosapiens Episode 2!

And best of all, you get 36 action-packed pages for the paltry sum of 3 pounds and 50 pence!

To order your copy of Paragon 8, click here if you're a UK resident! Or here if you live in the States! And if all of these exclamation points don't convince you, check out the Paragon Blogspot for sneaky peeks!

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