Thursday, 2 June 2011

When Irish Isles are Smiling...

above: the cover for Tales From the Emerald Isle's 2D Convention Special, featuring Highwayman Captain Gallagher (art by Conor Boyle).

Aye, 'tis the latest issue of Tales From the Emerald Isle, debuting at this weekend's 2D Comic Convention in Derry, Ireland! Whilst the first issue was made up of short strips featuring Irish 2000AD characters (including my Judge Joyce story, 'Muties on the Bounty'), this second issue focuses on the myths and legends of the Emerald Isle. Highwaymen, Faeries, Celtic Warriors not named Slaine, and Banshees abound!

I've contributed a three-page strip, 'The Faerie-Catcher'. Contact Hibernia Comics for ordering information - copies are limited, so move it, boyo.

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