Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Desperate Beacon...

Pause. Deep breath. Reconsider.
Ah, what the hell. I'll do it.
A blog.
A desperate beacon cast into the void.
A distress signal. A cry for attention, a plea for help.
And a little space all mine. Here I can blah-blah-blog about me and only me. Now I have a way of shouting to all the ends of the Earth through the virtual world-spanning tin-can telephone called the internet; now I have a way of shouting - all about me.
But who will listen?
That doesn't matter. I never expected to start a blog, so if no one's here to meet me while I'm musing, well, it'll be business as usual. To be honest, I'm not very comfortable talking about myself anyway. Sure, I write - that's all I do - and I write about lots of people. But none of them are me.
So I've picked up the phone and dialed out.
But who will answer?
If you've found this blog, I hope we're friends or will become friends.
And I promise I'll whisper little electronic thoughts into your ear, if you do the same for me.
This has been a very good year. I've written a lot and commissioned a lot. Nothing for pay, mind. But my stories are getting out there, and that's most important. I plan to update this page as frequently as I have something interesting to say (about myself of course). Thank you for stopping by.

1 comment:

  1. You go for it Matthew, you never know who's listening, apart from the government that is!

    All the best, John